Carpet Cleaning

Unlike some carpet cleaning companies - who offer a tiered service - we treat all our clients equally, and never compromise on quality of service.

Our care package always includes:

  • The use of drying machines to speed up the drying process.
  • Deodorising treatment
  • Identification of the type of the carpet and a test for suitability before cleaning.
  • Vacuuming before cleaning with German made Sebo®vacuum cleaners.
  • Free treatment for marks that reappear within two weeks

Carpet Cleaning

At Prestige Cleaning  Solutions we use two types of carpet cleaning processes, these are:

  • Hot water soil extraction
  • Low moisture rotary cleaning.

Both these methods are targeted and tested and are both excellent cleaning sytems.

Hot water extraction

This works most effectively on heavily soiled carpets and in particular on stairs.  This method is recommended for the deep stain removal and pet accident removal.

Low moisture

This is primarily used on low profile carpets i.e offices and dormitories.  The benefits of this system are:

  • It is a quieter process
  • There are no pipes and tubes  used throughout the process
  • Carpets are dry in 40 minutes.
  • No residual wet carpet smell.
  • Detergent free solution which contain natural plant extract.

How we work

A thorough vacuum cleaning

86% of the dirt in your carpet is loose dirt, dead human skin, grit, soot, food particles, dust mite droppings trapped in the fibres.  Far better results are achieved when as much loose dirt as possible is removed before the carpet is wet.  My tool of choice is the SEBO SB36, a  powerful twin motor industrial vacuum cleaner.  TheSB36, with its powerful suction and brush action can lift carpet pile and remove deep embedded dirt that lesser machines leave behind.


After vacuuming and spraying, it is time to agitate.  In my view this is as important as a good vacuum.  In order for the cleaning agent to work on the fibres efficiently it much penetrate each fibre.  The best way to achieve this is by mechanical agitation.  The tool of my choice is the ENVIRODRY AGITATING BRUSH.  On most domestic jobs, I use a hand held brush.  Mechanical agitation lifts the carpet pile and rubs the cleaning solution deep into each carpet fibre ready for the next stage of cleaning – hot water extraction.

Genuine carpet cleaning following an 18th Birthday party...